Carbon Trust Publications

I’ve been involved in four Carbon Trust publications:
  1. Global Carbon Mechanisms: Emerging lessons and implications
  2. Climate change – a business revolution?
  3. Cutting Carbon in Europe: The 2020 plans and the future of the EU ETS
  4. EU ETS impacts on profitability and trade: a sector by sector analysis

PhD Publications

Some of the material in my PhD thesis has been published in Journals and presented at conferences. In all cases my supervisor, Julian Allwood, was co-author:

Journal papers

  1. Reducing climate change gas emissions by cutting out stages in the life-cycle of office paper. Journal of Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 49(4):340–352, 2007.
  2. Desktop paper recycling: A survey of novel technologies that might recycle office paper within the office. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 173(1):111–123, 2006.
  3. Meeting the 2050 carbon target for paper by print removal. CIRP Annals – Manufacturing Technology, 57(1):25-28, 2008.
  4. Using abrasives to remove toner-print so that office paper might be reused. Wear. 266(7-8):782-794, 2009.
  5. Using solvents to remove a toner print so that office paper might be reused. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Science 465(2112), 3839 (2009).

Conference papers

  1. Rethinking office paper recycling. In 4th International conference on design and manufacture for sustainable development, Newcastle, 12-13 July 2005.
  2. The feasibility and environmental consequences of scale change in office paper production. In ISIE 2005, Stockholm, 12-15 June.
  3. Un-printing toner: Early results. In 13th CIRP Intl. Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, Leuven, 31 May–2 Jun 2006.
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