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  1. Born in the late 1970’s in Somerset, England
  2. During my childhood was dragged across Europe and the middle east by my parent’s late hippyness (initially in a bright yellow cross between a removal van and a landrover).
  3. Won a scholarship to Millfield School
  4. Gained sponsorship from the civilian side of the UK Ministry of Defence. Spent nine months at their training centre before university and then worked each summer at:
  5. Spent four years reading Engineering at Clare College, Cambridge University.
  6. Worked for Marakon Associates for three years
  7. Return to Cambridge to study for a PhD under Dr Julian Allwood and live with my soon-to-be-wife Catherine
  8. Got married
  9. Worked as a teaching assistant in the department while I …
  10. ... finished my PhD, moved to Brighton and started work with the …
  11. Carbon Trust in the strategy team.
  12. Seconded to the Department for Energy and Climate Change ...
  13. Became a permanent civil servant in the department and:
  14. After eight years of commuting from Brighton to London (a four hour round trip), I'd had enough and moved to a tiny firm in Lewes that helps children's nurseries