Tom Counsell

Hello. I'm an engineer. At the moment I run part of the Department of Energy and Climate Change's strategy team. I also do occasional freelance work through Green on Black Ltd.

Perhaps you are looking for information about my:

  1. History
  2. PhD
  3. Programming

If this list doesn’t cover what you want then feel free to contact me at .


  1. I've updated my units calculator to be a single page web app
  2. With my team's help, India have launched their version of a 2050 calculator. They have done a great job with their documentation. I blogged about it at DECC
  3. My team won a second Civil Service Award for Analysis and Use of Evidence, joint with the Foreign Office. Well done guys.
  4. With my team's help, Taiwan have launched their version of a 2050 calculator. It looks awesome. Ewan Bennie went to the launch and blogged about it.
  5. I am quite proud of the legends on the new charts in the 2050 calculator. Did them in D3 which was a pleasure. See the code.
  6. My team has started to develop a 2050 calculator for the world, watch the video message's about the project.
  7. Finished reading Thinking in Time: The Uses of History for Decision-Makers by Richard E. Neustadt, Ernest R. May
  8. I have been working on a tangle for exploring when nuclear-powered-electricity might be cheaper than gas-powered-electricity
  9. I've produced a sankey diagram showing (approximately) the 2010 Energy Flows through the UK
  10. 700 people paid to debate the future of the UK energy system at the 2013 Hay festival. I was on stage as the DECC geek. You can listen to it or read about it on the DECC blog.
  11. At the last minute, I stepped in to replace David MacKay at the first British Energy Challenge roadshow in Liverpool. Watch the highlights.
  12. I blogged on the DECC blog about China's 2050 Calculator (local copy) and the common problem of consensus (local copy).

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